Louis Godart

musician · composer


Hello ! I am a freelance musician and composer from France, working in the video game industry since 2013.

pp by Léa Fery

musician · composer

made by Ludogram

published by Ishtar Games

Lead your own adventuring party on an epic exploit inspired by tabletop role-playing games. Invite your friends to the group with the Buddy Pass, or strike out on your own. Collaboration, betrayal, and the luck of the dice…what wild escapades will you and your companions embark on?I am currently composing the music for this very cool project ! Check out the Steam page for more informations and try the game.

musician · composer

made by Alkemi Games

published by PID Games

Recently deceased and chosen as the Ankou, help lost souls to leave the world of the living with the tools of your old trade. Roam haunted lands to find resources, craft equipment and slay hordes of demons in this action-exploration roguelike.I am currently composing the music for this very cool project ! Check out the Steam page for more informations and try the game.

musician · composer

made by Casus Ludi

published by Gearbox Publishing

released on PC and Switch on 14.02.2023

Blanc is an artistic cooperative adventure that follows the journey of a wolf cub and a fawn stranded in a vast, snowy wilderness. The pair must come together in an unlikely partnership to find their families.I worked as a composer and audio director on this very special project, which started in 2018 during a game jam in Québec.

Inspired by the musical works of Eydís Evensen, Claude Debussy, Joe Hisaishi and Lili Boulanger, the soundtrack revolves around a solo, intimate felt piano, to evoke the loneliness of the characters.The addition of a chamber strings orchestra emphasizes the key moments of the story. You can read more about the soundtrack and the audio behind Blanc in this Steam article.Inside the game, the music is interactive and unfolds following the characters' progression. This is made possible by the use of FMOD, a powerful audio middleware, which allowed me to experiment and iterate on the musical behaviours.

musician · composer

made by Triskell Interactive

published by Dotemu

released on PC on 15.02.2023

This is a remake to Pharaoh, the legendary 1999 city-builder originally developped by Impressions Games. My work was to transcribe and re-arrange the soundtrack from the original game.

We had the opportunity to go into the studio and record many traditional instruments from Middle-East with incredible musicians. You can read more about this adventure in this Steam article, or by watching the video below !

musician · composer

made by Alkemi Games

released on PC 05.06.2017

What would happen if you ripped out the mindless mouse clicking of a modern Diablo-like and replaced it with an old school shoot'em'up gameplay? If you keep the loot, the choice of skills and powers, the customization of your equipment, Drifting Lands will happen.It was the very first commercial game I worked on. I met the team during my first game jam in 2013 and shortly after they hired me to compose the soundtrack to their second game, which they just started developping.Aesthetically speaking, I just didn't know what to choose between electro, metal and orchestral music, so I went for a mix of everything. The idea was to have something nervous, energetic and motivating, but not too aggressive, so you could play for hours without getting tired. You can listen to it all in the player on the right !

Custom OST illustration by Dimitri Chappuis

musician · composer

made by Elseware Experience

published by Freedom Games

released on PC on 09.09.2022

Broken Pieces is a psychological thriller taking place in a french coastal village stuck in time. Put the pieces of the story back together by figuring out the enigma behind this mystical place, and solve the mysteries around what caused the same day to repeat over and over.On this project, I was hired by composer Aède to arrange some of his compositions, from simple guitar/voice demos to full-grown songs - that still had to feel like DIY demos since these were meant to be found on cassettes inside the game.The songs are Chardonnay, Top of the Morning and Let it All Out. You can listen to them in the player below !

For my own pleasure, I also arranged an alternate version for Chardonnay, in which I could add as much synthesizers tracks and reverb as I wanted. This gives a "bigger than life" feeling that I really enjoyed creating. Enjoy it !

musician · composer

made by Freshplanet

Listen to clips from over 100,000 songs, and guess the correct artist or title as fast as you can. Challenge your friends or play with 100 millions music fans worldwide! Score the most points and win!I have been working on this game as a sound designer for a few months, at the beginning in order to replace the legacy sounds from the first SongPop, and then to add new sounds matching the new features and evolutions of the game.You can watch the trailer right there, for which I composed the music and made the sound effects.

musician · composer

Monolithes was a jazz-metal fusion band I founded in 2015 with friends from the Nantes music conservatory. I played the electric guitar and composed the music along with drummer Julien Ouvrard. The amazing Rémi Allain played the double bass, and after our first self-titled album, Nathan Vandenbulcke (on the vibraphone) left abroad to study jazz drumming. Romain Lay then joined the team with his amazing amplified vibraphone, and we released our second album, Limites. We won several french jazz contests along the way, including La Défense Jazz Festival in 2017, and played around 50 concerts.The influences were quite wide, spanning from Animals as Leaders to John Coltrane, from Brian Eno to Tigran Hamasyan, from Supersilent to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.You can listen our two albums below :